About CM Truck Beds

Why CM Truck Beds

For over 20 years, CM Truck Beds have built a quality product at a value price that is unsurpassed. Known throughout North America, our company has a style and dependability all their own. With a superior truck bed for every hauling need, we continue to set the standard by which most are compared. Providing exceptional customer service and creating genuine partnerships with our distributors is the true secret to our success. When you shop with CM Truck Beds, you can count on that:

  • We will offer stability and reliability
  • We produce a diverse product line and deliver innovation
  • Our brand name is recognized
  • We provide support and commitment
  • Our beds have a strong finish

Our manufacturing process is clearly efficient and creates a product that is perceived as a premium in the marketplace. Offering better raw materials in our products, our truck beds hold the best value within the industry. CM Truck Beds will have the quality you are searching for and the dependability you can count on.

About Us

CM Truck Beds, headquartered in Kingston, OK is a household name in truck beds. We haven’t seen the phenomenal growth by accident. Our deliberate approach to a tough, rugged, well design body has been achieved through hard work of all of our engineering and design team. Whether you are working in a trade, oilfield, or simply looking to haul a trailer down the road, our bodies are equipped for the long haul. Take a look at our extensive lineup of beds, however realize that our beds can be used anywhere in North America as our new lineup of aluminum beds can withstand the rough elements of winter in the northern states.