BW Trailer Hitches LogoCM Truck Beds in Kingston announces that it will integrate B and W Trailers hitches standard on all of its hauler style products. These hitches will be independently rated for 14,500 lbs for all bumper pull hitches and 25,000 lbs for all gooseneck boxes. CM Truck Beds will also offer a B and W Turnover ball option which is rated for 30,000 lbs. With the new hitches, CM Truck Beds will now feature integrated plasma cut safety chain loops on the bumper hitch and inside of its new gooseneck box. Additionally, the new B and W gooseneck box will feature a hole for the 7 way plug. As in years past, the hitch will be integrated to give CM Truck Beds customers the fluid look that they have come to expect from CM Truck Beds. All bumper pull hitches will also have exterior access hitch pins, making changing out the hitch easier than ever! The new B and W Gooseneck hitch box will also come standard with the all steel door which opens and closes to allow users to continue to have a flat bed when not utilizing their bed for towing purposes. Please contact your local CM truck Beds dealer for more information on the industry’s finest truck body hitch.