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At CM Truck Beds we know that when our dealers succeed, we succeed. Our success is ultimately dependent upon yours. That is why we are re-investing in programs to assist our dealers in selling more truck beds every day.We’ve worked with the industry leaders in fleet management and we guarantee your success with strong products and service.

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The CM Truck Beds Commitment

Industry-Leading Warranty

The CM Truck Beds Limited Warranty stands behind your products longer, reducing maintenance expense.

Turnaround Time

For fleet managers, time is money. That’s why CM Truck Beds offers priority scheduling to keep your downtime to a minimum.

Longer Product Life Cycle

High-quality, durable parts make our truck beds more reliable and longer lasting.

Immediate product availability

CM truck beds and service bodies deliver industryleading quality, selection and convenience, with the largest in-stock inventory available.

Nationwide Footprint

The nation’s largest network of service facilities provides local services and maintenance.

Product Savings

Nationwide parts and service network for convenience and savings.

Maximized Fleet Solutions

Whatever your role in the Truck Fleet universe, CM Truck Beds has a comprehensive suite of solutions and the product portfolio to help you win. With nationwide availability, unmatched distribution and in-stock inventory for fast delivery, and the breadth of portfolio and quality of products to ensure you or your clients are taken care of, CM Truck Beds is your best fleet partner.

SB Steel service body on the road


Managing large municipal fleets and keeping community service levels where expected can be hard work. It can also be costly and disruptive if not managed well. CM Truck Beds offers a comprehensive fleet management solution for municipalities so that your in-house maintenance departments can focus on larger, more urgent projects. We maintain a huge inventory of in-stock parts to help reduce costs and keep equipment in service.

CM Truck Beds Service Body Aluminum


Extracting, collecting and converting energy is hard on equipment. Keeping truck bed fleets working at optimum productivity requires shrewd management. Recognizing the rigorous demands of energy companies, CM Truck Beds offers a comprehensive fleet management solution for the energy industry at special rates designed to reduce costs and keep equipment in service. That’s smart fleet management for smart fleet managers.

CM Truck Bed ER Flat bed on construction project with gooseneck trailer attached


Downtime is the enemy of productivity. But heavy industry is hard on equipment. Keeping truck bed fleets in good shape can be a challenge—unless, that is, you partner with the right manufacturer. CM Truck Beds is proud to offer a comprehensive fleet management solution for industrial fleet managers at special rates designed to keep equipment in service and reduce costs, helping you rise to meet the challenges of every project and reap maximum success.

aluminum service body on the road


America depends on transport companies to keep commerce and industry cranking along. CM Truck Beds fleet solutions can be configured to accommodate the specific needs of transport company fleetmanagers. Maximum uptime and strict cost management are crucial to successfully deliver the goods and protect the margins of both the transport company and end customers. CM Truck Beds offers maintenance and finance programs for the transportation sector at special rates, helping you to honor your budget—and your deadline—every time.

Product Solutions

SK truckbed with bale spike option out on farm field

Specialty Beds

Designed for specific applications, CM Specialty Bodies are the trusted choice of professionals in construction, farming, excavation and beyond.

CM AL SK aluminum trailer bed driving on the highway

Aluminum Beds

When combined with our unique powdercoated structural channel-steel frames, our aluminum beds deliver a weight rating others can’t match.

Steel service body driving on highway

Service Bodies

Component-style configurations allow easy customization, premium powdercoat finishes beautify and protect, Black Lava deck coatings take a licking and offer grip, and the best warranty in the industry ensures years of durable use.

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