Customer Solutions

CM Truck Beds is committed to providing just the right tools and resources for your specific needs.  We have a whole host of products and services that are sure to work with any industry to help you get your job done.  If you need a work truck that’s durable, high-quality, versatile and efficient, count on CM Truck Beds to provide you with the solution you need.  Take a look at the links below to find out more about our specific solutions for fleets, commercial dealers and consumers.


CM Dump Body on construction site in use

As a contractor, you need a work truck that can rise to the tough challenges of a construction site. CM offers a wide range of flat beds and service bodies that support the building industries.

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Farmer using remote system to lower his bale spike and hay on to field

Agriculture work consists of long hours in somewhat isolated areas. Therefore, you rely on quality equipment that can perform reliably in order to maximize your productivity.

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Steel SB service body on the highway driving side view

Utilities work hard to keep the electricity going, water running, the roads clear, and so much more.  To do such crucial jobs, you need truck beds and service bodies you can rely on.

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SB Steel service body on the road

If you’re in the plumbing/HVAC industry, you have to carry a lot of supplies. So you need a work truck that has enough storage to meet all your needs.

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Stake side option on the PL truck bed

Landscaping companies have special needs from their trucks when it comes to towing equipment like riding mowers, leaf blowers and other tools. You need a work truck that has ample storage and the ability to organize it all for easy access.

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CM Truck Beds Service Body Aluminum

Oil and gas equipment needs specialized maintenance, usually on-the-go because its so unwieldy. That’s where CM Truck Beds comes in.

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Customer Type

CM Truck Beds Commercial Dealers

Commercial dealers are an integral part of the commercial vehicle industry because of their ability to communicate directly with the end user. That’s why CM Truck Beds works with some of the most recognized and reputable businesses to stock CM products.

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CM Truck Beds Fleet

At CM Truck Beds we know that when our dealers succeed, we succeed. Our success is ultimately dependent upon yours. That is why we are re-investing in programs to assist our dealers in selling more truck beds every day.

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