CM has added another innovation to its lineup with the debut of the HS Hotshot. This single-piece steel truck body is designed for ultimate strength and durability. It offers the industry’s best hauling capacity and an array of standard features that deliver convenience, safety and ease for hotshot truck drivers. Where some manufacturers offer hotshotting kits with assorted parts and pieces, the CM Hotshot is a turnkey, fully integrated solution.

One of the Hotshot’s standout features is its hauling capacity. The bed is rated for a whopping 30,000 pounds in both the gooseneck and 5th-wheel configurations, thanks to an exclusive partnership with CURT trailer hitches. For drivers with a lot of ground to cover and heavy loads in tow, the Hotshot’s capabilities are unsurpassed.

The HS also comes loaded with premium standard features not commonly found on a hotshot model. These include integrated LED lighting backed by a lifetime warranty; CM’s single-piece tubular steel headache rack, ensuring safety and durability; and two integrated toolboxes with T-handle compression latches and automotive D-bulb weatherstripping, providing a secure place to stash tools and necessities. Plus, CM’s unique Fuel Deck feature supports fuel tanks up to 18” deep, eliminating extra stops at the pump and saving drivers valuable time.

“For hotshotters looking to beat the clock with a highly efficient and powerful rig, CM’s new Hotshot is the answer,” said CM Vice President Joe Lewis.


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