TexArmor Logo 2As the number one truck bed manufacturing company in America, CM Truck Beds is proud to announce that a variety of truck bed models now come standard with TexArmor – the new benchmark in coating. This includes our popular ER model, PL model, SK model, TM Deluxe model, and WD model.

With this best-in-class gloss finish on CM’s truck beds, these beds will become even more superior and durable. By combining powder primer and our super durable powder coat, CM Truck Beds will withstand the rigorous elements better than any bed on the market today.  With reduced oxidation rates, TexArmor powder coating will prolong the life of the industry-leading truck beds. TexArmor provides Galvanic Protection, protecting CM Truck Beds from not only salt spray, but also the Chloride and brine materials used to treat roads in the snow belt of the US.  This new process provides complete coverage of the cut edges on steel surfaces, in addition to the entire bed including the ends of tubing after they are cut to length, the edges of sheet reductions, and even cut out areas like lights and holes.

With quality customers deserve and reliability they can count on, CM Truck Beds will continue their title as the number one truck bed manufacturer in America with the new TexArmor powder coating now standard on multiple bodies.

CM Truck Beds is the household name for truck bodies and has been building household factory beds for more than 20 years. Their dedication and loyalty to producing only the best body haulers have made them the most highly recommended truck bed manufacturer in the country. Standing by their reputation but always looking to the future, CM Truck Beds is proud to stand behind their battle-tested haulers.