360 Truckbed imageCM Truck Beds is proud to announce the new implementation of 3D within our company. Our 3D models and graphics will not only attract and peak customers’ interests, but also provide new tools of advertisement.

Carrying a full line of steel and aluminum truck bodies, CM Truck Beds will give customers a new way of seeing and viewing our products online.

CM Truck Beds has been the household name in flat deck truck bodies for over 20 years. Our truck body company is recognized as the best truck bed manufacturer in North America. At CM Truck Beds, not only do we give you a fine line of products, but we’ll also give you a hauler that is battled tested. At CM Truck Beds, we will ensure that our products are what you’re searching for each and every day.

 View the RD model truck bed in 360°

Keeping up-to-date with cutting edge technology, our company will continue to provide new options for better advertising, and new ways to keep you coming back for more.

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