CM Truck Beds is proud to announce their new flooring options available on truck bed models. At CM, we realize that flooring options are important to commercial customers looking to use our products. That’s why we have added these quality options to our line of tough body haulers.

Now CM Truck Beds customers will have the option to finish their truck bodies with 2” pine Flooring, Blackwood, or Rumber Wood. So what’s the difference between these three options?

2” Pine Flooring provides a durable, yet easy to replace, decking option. This flooring option provides this stability, while still maintaining an entry level price point.  Furthermore, this flooring option allows users to nail down blocks for better load security.

Our Blackwood flooring option is a wooden lumber product with a rubber inset that is infused throughout the board. This feature will improve the traction over typical lumber. Our Blackwood flooring option presents customers with a product that is beneficial and long-lasting for all their hauling jobs. With the tactile surface of Blackwood, the cargo you are hauling is less likely to shift while towing.

Finally, CM’s Rumber Wood option provides the same quality as well as great environmentally features. That’s right; our rumber wood option is not only environmentally friendly, but also stronger than other composites, and impervious to fluids, mud, oil, and UV rays. Our rumber boards will not crack, rot or split. They will also have a traction surface that increases safety. Our new rumber boards can be cut with a saw, are easily installed, and are easy to clean.

Bringing innovation, quality, and unsurpassed features and hardware, CM Truck Beds is America’s number one body hauler for a reason. No matter the haul, CM Truck Beds has the truck beds, features, and options to rise to the occasion.