Have you been searching to find good looking, tough, customizable service bodies? Look no further than CM Truck Beds. That’s right, CM has long been a household name in flat deck truck body manufacturing, but we have now taken our product lineup into the service body industry… and we have the body you have been looking for. Our component style body gives you the flexibility to add anything you want to your body aftermarket, make both sides completely different, and repair your body easier than any on the market. With our component design, if you damage one side of our body, simply remove that side and replace it. Cheaper than a new body or going to a body shop! Also, all shelving, racking, bin systems, and drawers can be added aftermarket just where you want them. Need flip tops or master locks? All CM Service Bodies can be upfitted aftermarket for these also. Visit www.cmtruckbeds.com to learn more about our models and options.