Plug and Play ImageRecognized as the best truck bed manufacturer in North Americas, CM Truck Beds is continually adding to their success by introducing the newly installed plug in play feature on all truck bodies. This new option has been in the works for years but has just now come together.

With a title that depicts its purpose, this device was given its name because all you have to do is plug the bed, and it’s ready to go to work.

The option is now being connected with all newly produced CM truck beds, and not only makes installation faster, but also eliminates errors. This new opportunity originated from the simple fact that it’s how factory beds come from the manufacturer. If it’s a cab and a chassis or a bed delete, the lights are plugged into the wiring harness on the truck using sealed connections. The use of these features will eliminate any butt connectors or splices that can cause problems later.

The plug in play will come equipped with a GM OEM male plug that will attach to any GM model truck from a 2007-2013 model. They will also be adapters to fit Dodge and Ford Cab and Chassis, Ford bed delete and 2014, as well as newer GM models. Although this new option will reduce installation time and errors, customers will still need to use relays and resistors on models that call for their use.

Built with superior quality, our new installation kits will come complete with bolts, nuts, washers, and mounting brackets to fit the Cab and Chassis models of Ford, Dodge, and GM. There will be enough parts for an eight-point installation, using the appropriate holes allowed in rear hitches to be bolted.

Since our new plug in pay options are weather sealed plugs, water, dirt, and other contaminates will not damage our products. These durable features will keep electrical problems from surfacing within your vehicle. Along with durability, our new option allows owners to unplug the bed from their vehicle. This option has simplified the case of problems with the truck and lighting. Once unplugged, customers will be able to identify better if the problem is in the vehicle or the truck. On top of that option, if a customer wants to swap out a bed or reinstall their factory bed, the factory plugs will still be on the wiring harness and will just plug back on.

CM Truck Beds has been the household name in flat deck truck bodies for over 20 years. Our truck body company is recognized as the best truck bed manufacturer in North America. At CM Truck Beds, not only will we give you a fine line of products and new options, but we’ll also give you a hauler that is battled tested. At CM Truck Beds, we will ensure that our products are what you’re searching for each and every day.